Sunday, 10 November 2013

#FirstWorldProblems a.k.a The Needlist

So I kind of abandoned all reason and faith in the actual post I was going to write today in favour of this:

Something of a wishlist.
Only it's not a wishlist, 'cos I don't like doing them!

I like reading them though, so go ahead and post them you little lovelies you, I shall be swooning and most likely commenting in whole-hearted agreement at your little lusts...

It's more of a...shall we say, ramble, at my current lack of all things make-up, and the fact that during the last week I've located more of my remaining bronzer trodden into my rug, (having broken from the edge of the pan and fallen out) than well, in the pan and therefore on my face.

This is bad you guys, because hell my tan is gawnnn and I'm starting to look a little deathly, even before the sick feeling of having to ration my bronzer and look less glowy *read, 'orange', I sadly don't do subtle*  takes over.

Then I just look green and somewhat alien-like with my clashing green and orange tinged skin...sheeeeeexy huh?

Luckily the doll that is my mum, (and most avid reader) has given me some Vanish spray to remove the orange stains splattered on my cream rug, meaning I can save about two quid right there and add it to my so far non-existent make-up fund!

Lies: I spent it on food shopping aka houmous.
Fund is still empty.
So is the bread bin.

All jokes aside now guys.
This isn't stuff I wish for, or that I want.
It's just stuff I god damn need, before I have to bare to the world Huddersfield my face, sans slap.

Ladies (and gents) I welcome you to:
The Needlist.

def: (noun) a group of desires linked with vanity and self-indulgence, thought of in such high regard, that the owner truly believes such items are NEEDED to improve the quality life, (or look of their face) relative to how he/she knows it. 


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8.

1. Okay so obviousness first!
I NEED A NEW BRONZER, and my god am I sick to the back teeth of my favourite, (ahem only bronzer I've ever used) and old faithful Bourjois 'Delice de Poudre' aka Chocolate Bronzer. I mean yes it's been good to me and I still love it (on my rug not so much)...but sometimes it's just time for something new, and when you see 293871283621 people a week raving about how amazingly perfect a certain product just kind of want it.
Yes, NARS 'Laguna', I mean you.
I want you on my face.
I also want you to be in the sale, with a discount of 95%.
Thanks, bye.

2. Can this be in the sale too please?
Yeah, see my much loved and very pretty bargain in the shape of the MUA 'Shimmerkisses Bronzer', (actually a highlighter, but whatev's) is hovering dangerously on the tipping point between usability and well, bin-ability, and on a daily basis I'm now risking having splodges of shiny stuff redesigning my rug along with the orange ones, as this product flakes away...
I only ever bought this in a bid to curb my lusting for the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle', and now that it's reaching the end of its short existence, my lust has returned with a vengeance.

3. Berry lips oh how I love thee...
Only not on a day-to-day basis, given that I have just one berry lip option, (Rimmel 107 duhh) and as much as I love it, it's just too much for daily wear.
Back in the sunny days of Summer I DARED myself to don an orange lip in the day, and found the recent introduction of lip crayons to be the best thing for a subtle those sunny days are a distant memory, I'm looking for a deep dark alternative, and I think the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 'Prune' may be it...

4. I wholly and fully blame Gemma for this.
She just like totes wants me to spend my pennies on pretty NYX stuff with rather nice names.
I was unaware of this gorgeous Jumbo Eye Pencil's existence until she told me...
It's sooooo nothing to do with the fact that I'm obsessed with leopards and this product is called 'Sparkle Leopard'


All her fault.

5. Because I need a brush to apply one and two.
And well, everything.
I only own two very tatty old face brushes, which double up for my bronzer, highlight, and powder, (oh god I need a new one of those too!) and well...I could do with another.
The Real Techniques 'Powder Brush' will do I reckon...I'd like the contour brush too but given that it only comes in a set, I think I'll pass, for now.

6. Back to MAC.
Well, not literally 'Back-to-Mac' - if I did have some empty stuff to 'Back-to-MAC' this bad boy would be mine...
However for now, no, I simply have to observe the gorgeous orange/red matte beauty of 'Lady Danger' from afar.

7. So a few months ago I decided to experiment with brown eyeliner and was converted in seconds!
I literally have worn black about twice since...and now I've got an itch.
The itch and urge to try something else, in the form of Rimmel 'Scandal Eyes Kohl Kajal' eyeliners in 'Nude' and 'Bronze'.
I mean what if one day I want a more subtle look (don't laugh, I'm serious!)? I could totally try out a nude pencil - or equally a bronze, because I love bronze and I'm certain it wouldn't be as dark as my daily brown liner...I could be converted yet again!

8. I don't own many nude lipsticks.
Well...I own two, but I've gone off one of them, and the second is quite peachy and Summery.
I've spent my life about three years hunting down the perfect darker and more brown toned nude, but every single one without fail has looked horrendous on my lips; too pink and too pale almost every single time.
So...having seen at least three different bloggers describing this as a darker brown toned nude, and swatching what looks like my dream colour...I think Rimmels 'Let's Get Naked' will be MINEEEEEE.


Okay guys so predictably I've rambled on way too long and you're most likely now exhausted or wanting a nap.
I don't blame you, I need one too.
*adds to 'Needlist'*

I'm thinking I'll probably be dreaming of gorgeous shimmery cheekbones and orangey red lips.

Or possibly, dreaming that I'm an actual leopard with some pretty awesome patterns...

Which reminds me.
Screw my nap...
It's time to get acquainted with the new potential companion (and fellow plastic spray bottle dweller) to my BFF, the 'Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover', in the hope that it can indeed make the not so awesome patterns (aka orange mess) on my rug vanish!

*Secretly hopes that some kind of magic will occur and subsequently said orange mess will appear perfectly applied on my face, and therefore not be wasted - booya.*


  1. Haha... all my fault :P you need some Sparkle Leopard in your life :P xxx

    1. I proper do you know Gemma! I'm still leopardless!!

  2. Ahhh I so want Laguna too!! Nars should totally do discounts for people with serious needs!! haha :) Xxx

    1. YES GOOD IDEA!!! I say we mail this to NARS and make them do it muhaha...xx

  3. Oh my god, I need all of those things, Nars Laguna has been on my list for forever but I do adore my benefit Hoola, oh and MACs harmony. I need to check out the lip crayons, I'm loving dark colours this Autumn as well!! Xx

    1. Ahhhh I'm so glad it's not just me! Hoola and Harmony sound like they should be on my list too haha xx

  4. Holly! I lolled my way through this post, such a funny entertaining read (my condolences are with your rug)!

    Fabulous wishlist... Can I enable you? Nars Laguna is yes for you and your exotic loveliness, lady danger is one of my faves and I can see you and six pack of toned abs WERKIN it to thee max! Oh and I just got the real techniques powder brush... Tis beaut, no shedding either!
    Ps hiya Holly's mam if you are reading :)

    Love Kate xx

    1. ARGHHHH KATE're not supposed to encourage me hahahahaha ;)
      Thank you so much :D and my mam says hi (course she does, she sees my comments before I do)

  5. I hope you talk the way you write!!! Great wishlist, hope you have a great weekend =)

    Corinne x

    1. Haha it has been said...not sure if that's a good thing...and I have to get over my shyness first! :p
      Thank you doll

  6. Great wishlist! I've wanted to try Nars Laguna for ages too, I've heard so many great things about it! I'd also love to try the Rimmel nude eyeliner x

  7. Thank you Telina! One day we will get there haha xx


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