Sunday, 29 September 2013

My MAC Palette

Once upon a time there was a girl called Holly.
Holly quite liked make-up, and in particular, eyeshadow...

From a young age she spent just a bit too much time eyeing up the pretty powders in the palace more commonly known as 'Boots' and dreaming of owning her own...
When she was thirteen, she became the proud owner of her first eyeshadow; a Claire's Accessories silver creme eyeshadow in a ladybird shaped pot, of which the less is spoken about, the better...

Times moved on, and Holly began to dabble in the delights of L'Oreal, and Rimmel, smudging a variety of pretty rainbow shades, (totally lying, all browns) over her lids, in a bid to find her signature look.
She believed she had found 'the one' in a small and kindly priced Revlon quad palette, consisting of beautiful neutral, brown and bronze shades. 
Everyday for two whole years, the combination of Holly's brown eyes and the Revlon quad, made for some pretty nice shadow wearing. Their love was strong, however Revlon's family grew tired of her repetitive behaviour, and cast her out of their wing in the Boots palace, unashamedly, to starve.

Sicko's they are! 

Holly was sad, and she spent many moons searching and longing for a replacement.
Time after time she traipsed to the palace, looking for a new love, and time after time, she failed.

Until, she relinquished her evenings, (and therefore life) in favour of watching YouTube video's and reading blogs dedicated to make-up, and discovered...MAC.
The glistening shades attracted Holly like some kind of crazed magpie, and she became determined to one day, own her own set of beautiful and blend-able shades.

There was however a problem, known as 'mortgage' (not really a problem, I'm grateful, really I am, my house is preeeetty) which meant that every month Holly was left with very little to spare, and not enough to purchase her MAC eye shadows...

One day though, on the 31st of August this very year, Holly turned 23, and was granted a birthday wish by a handsome man. The handsome man presented her with a glorious gift...and therefore, Holly's MAC palette dream became a reality...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand....we're back in the room!

It's totally true though, I mean OH EM GEE I have a MAC palette!!
And there's room for - oh - only fifteen of the little creatures!

Cloud Nine is now my home.
I have a new mortgage, lol.

Like a kid in a sweet shop, I went to a REAL LIFE MAC SHOP, (seriously, I love you Huddersfield, but get with the times) and along with the beautiful 'Woodwinked' which lucky me won and blogged about here, (yey!) I have built up an amazing six shades and spent ermm...well, a good deal of time debating which little pretty will grace my lids on a daily basis.

I fear for my sleep when I have fifteen to choose from omg.

So as you know, I ramble a lot, so just watch how simple I'm going to keep this next bit...seriously, you will be proud.

Behold, the 'list':

All That Glitters:
My current go to all over lid colour - ahhhh, it's a beautiful kind of pink champagne colour, with a strong almost glittery shimmer running through it, owed to its Veluxe Pearl finish. It so far has been a perfect combination for every shade of brown I've tried with it, and knowing me, will be all gone in no time...

Now this is one that in my twice ever visits to a MAC store, has just jumped out and grabbed my attention, screaming 'BUY ME' at the top of its voice, despite being pretty much unknown to me beforehand.
It's almost viable to say this could be used as a highlight, but saying otherwise gives me an excuse to buy another, paler one haha ;)
'Retrospeck' is another champagne coloured shadow, but more of a pale golden champagne tone. I love shimmery shades on my lids, and as with 'All That Glitters', this has the perfect amount of sparkle, and makes a nice alternative for an all over lid shade.

'Soba' is an interesting one to me; a warm toned light brown with a very subtle satin finish, meaning that it's perfect for every day if you're not wanting anything too dramatic, too sparkly, or too matte. I've been wearing this in my crease but felt I wanted something even darker, leading me on to...

Brown Down: 
So I wanted a rich, VERY dark, chocolatey matte brown shade to just make my crease pop, and 'Brown Down' is just that! As with the others the pigmentation is amazing - believe me a little goes a long way, but this colour is perfect, and blends out easily to create a deep and layered finish.

We don't always want a matte finish though do we ladies (and gents)? Which brings me to my shimmery but still deep, rich and chocolatey alternative to 'Brown Down', (and oh yeahh they still look awesome together!) 'Tempting' tempted me with it's creamy and ultra complimentary sparkle.

I don't need to say much here, 'Woodwinked' is a stunning bronze shade which when blended deepens to a dark orangey shade - believe me this is in a good way too, meaning it can be worn alone across the whole lid as well as in the crease, as well as in the crease alone. The Veluxe Pearl finish means when it catches the light beautifully, and...well god I just love it!

I'm gonna leave you with one of the looks I created this week, using 'Retrospeck' accross my lid, 'Tempting' underneath, through my crease and blended out towards my eyebrows, complete with juuuuust a lickle bit of 'Brown Down' in the outer 'v' shape and the very inner part of the crease to create a big contrast.

I wanted to show you another look using All That Glitters, but I'll simply say the words 'watery-outer-corner-of-eye' and leave it there.


Make-up disaaaaster.
*Strictly judge guy voice*


So, I'd tell you my story was ending here, however it's not...

I still have another nine shades of my pretty MAC palette to fill, and I'm on the hunt for them as we speak!
Serious, I'm about to order my giveaway winner prize and am seriously tempted to order myself some 'Naked Lunch' goodness...
What do you recommend?

Orrr maybe I'll just go wild and get my oh so coveted 'Soft and Gentle' Mineralise Skin Finish AHHHHHH <3?

Orrrrrrr maybe...just maybe I'll remember that I still have my mortgage to pay, and we'll see next month ;)

Then I'll be living happily ever after.



  1. The colours are gorgeous, omg! I want to start my own palette but unfortunately there are no MAC stores near me so I think I'm going to have to do a bit of internet shopping.

    1. Ahhh that is my problem too! I had to do a bit of travelling will be an online jobbie for me too for the foreseeable future... xx

  2. Fab colours you picked out, I'm dying to get a MAC palette! xx

    1. Ahh thank you :D and yes, they're so worth it :) xx

  3. Your eye make up is really pretty. It really suits you as well xx

  4. I love the shades very neutral perfect for A/W :) x

    1. Haha I wear the same shades pretty much all year round, so neutrals are always a good bet :D xx

  5. Hahaha, I think this is my favourite post you have done. I still don't own a MAC eyeshadow and the thought makes me sad each and every day :( xx

    1. Awww Hannah you're a doll <3 and don't be sad my lickle darling, that was me this time last never know know when your time will come hehehe xx

  6. So exciting that you have a palette!! Definitely recommend Naked Lunch, its so pretty! :) Xxx

    1. Ahh it will defo be next up on my list!! xx

  7. Those colours are gorgeous!! I've only got one MAC eyeshadow so far (Woodwinked - surprise surprise!) and can't decide what to get next - All That Glitters looks gorgeous though!

    1. Ooh I really do recommend All That Glitters yesss! xx

  8. Tempting and Woodwinked look gorgeous! I'm obsessed with all that glitters x

    1. Me too haha - can't get enough of it, I'm actually worried it will be all gone by next month!


  9. I long for the day I get a Mac shadow and palette! Love the review and the pictures were fab. Can you recommend any good warm toned shadows? glad Im not the only one to suffer with watery eye syndrome!! lol x

    1. Oh I've only got these few to go by but I'd say Woodwinked is an amazing warm toned one, as far as matte shades go, Brown Down is definitely warm toned too - I'd love to tell you more off the top of my head (I must have swatched like a million haha) but I can't remember exact shades I'm afraid! xx

  10. I've awarded you the versatile bloggers award! Take a look -

    Jess x

  11. Oh man, you have a mortgage already? I'm 27 and still rent. I pretty much live like a student, living with friends, eating beans on toast my liquid consumption only consists of tea and wine. Apart from the full time job, of course.

    Glad you got the eyeshadows, can tell you're just a tad excited about it!


    1. I do mannnn, it has its perks but has meant the major delay of buying such pretty eyeshadows haha!
      Student living sounds pretty good to me though, apart from the beans on toast part, make it cheese and I'm sold :p


  12. love these colours:)


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