Sunday, 8 September 2013

OOTD: An Asian Wedding.

Ladies, (and gents) I present to you something a little different today, and very, VERY exciting...

I got to play dress upppp!
In possibly the nicest and most beautiful way, and for an extremely beautiful occasion...
*for two days only.

Yes indeedy this Summer was the wedding of two of my lovely friends, and very special it was.
I spent the weekend with amazing people, eating amaaazing food, and *cue immense girly excitement* wearing not one but TWO amaaaaaaaaazing outfits for the two days of beautiful wedding-ness I attended.

Now anyone who has ever been to any wedding of any kind will know the amount of planning that goes into an outfit.
Fun times for someone like me...
A little while before the big day, and after a quick text (or ten), I was playing dress up like a little girl with a friend of mine who's wardrobe knows no bounds, (hey Sahrah!) having lots of laughs and - well, rather nice samosas...mmmm <3

For anyone who may not know, Muslim weddings tend to last several days; I attended the Mehndi ceremony as well as the actual wedding across one pretty nice August weekend :D
For the Mehndi, I wore a gorgeous pale pink Salwar Kameez which was decorated with pretty beads and jewels and just...ahhhhh. 

Oh, and I wore my newly fixed Shoesies, because they're versatile little beings and go with anything don't you know?

For the second day came my favourite outfit, and the one I wore for the wedding itself - le sari! 
I mean you guyssss, I know I'm saying it a lot, but seriously - EVEN MORE AHHHHHHHHH<3

You know those dollar signs Simon Cowell gets during Leona Moments on X Factor?
You know the iPhone emoji with the little hearts as eyes?

That was me when I saw this beautiful baby of a sari.
Oh my god and I can't tell you how relieved I was that it fit...

Black and gold - two of my favourite colours, and so intricately designed that I've abandoned hope of finding a metaphor that will even begin to cover the amount of work that must have gone into its creation!
Genuinely the most stunning piece of clothing I have ever worn in my life!

Plus a perfect match for my black and gold Shoesies yet again.
Oh yes.
Any excuse to wear them...

I really did feel like a princess.

On my face I went a little glitter crazy, and splashed more than a good helping of Naked 2 palette goodness across my lids - 'Half Baked' you little gem of a colour you!
I couldn't tell you the rest of the colours I used, hell I think I used them all.
The more glitter, sparkle and colour, the better.
I even did a good old fashioned eyeliner flick oh yerrrr.
Oh and glittery gold nails - fingers and toes, (Models Own 'Gold Rush' - if you don't know, get to know) along with more sparkly jewellery than you can possibly imagine.

I even attempted a beehivey wedding up-do, managing to use pretty much an entire pack of bobby pins in the process, (no lie, I'm pretty sure there's still some in there) - impressive stuff!

Let's just say I didn't do things by halves on that day...
It was nice to finally let my inner sparkle/accessories loving self have her moment in the sun, and for such a beautiful occasion.

I'm gonna leave you with just a couple of snaps from the big day itself, (given that err I only have a couple of snaps) and say a biiiig congratulations to the gorgeous couple that are:
Amar and Farrah :D

(who are on a plane right now as I type to somewhere a bit less September-like than here, eughh)

My Mehndi Outfit
Photobooth fun!
The happy couple (nice pout Amar)
Group shot! The best men :) c/o Saniul Islam
Random and extremely cool looking photo c/o Maciej Pogorzelski and his amazing badass camera
So, the end of my time dressed as a princess came to an end, but what a weekend it was - genuinely such a beautiful and memorable occasion and so nice to see my friends get married :)

I'm now a pro at fastening sari's too - seriously, if anyone else is planning an Asian wedding outfit and needs a hand, just drop me a blog comment and I'm all yours ;)
I should charge and become a millionaire, just in case I don't win the Daybreak competition.
Or the This Morning one for that matter...

Let's just say YouTube served me (and my mum) very well indeed...


  1. Oh my god you look flipping gorge Holly!!!!!!!!! You totes look Jasmine, you look amazinggggggggggg!!! xxxx

  2. that black sari is gorgeous and you hair looks beautiful too :)


    1. Aww thank you so much!! The amount of pins in my hair oh lordyyy haha xx

  3. Hi Holly
    You look Amazing am Muslim and know wedding functions last quite a few days but it is fun

    1. Yes it really was fun :D I absolutely loved it, and thank you so much!! xx

  4. Such a gorgeous dress, on both you and the bride! I love how you tied in the makeup and accessories too :)

    Sami x

    1. Oooh she looked too gorgeous for words!! Thank you so much :D xx

  5. Oh my goshhh! You look stunning x

  6. The bride and groom are soo cute and oh Holly you look so beautiful in that Shalwar Kameez and Sari.....lovely doll:)

    1. Haha they really are so cute - a gorgeous couple!! And thank you girly!! xx

  7. You all look gorgeous! I'd love to go to a wedding like this!

    1. Aww I hope you get to, it really was something special :) xx

  8. Love your look! You looks so pretty :) glad to hear you had a great day.
    Adela x

  9. The sari is so gorgeous, you look stunning! The black and gold together is really nice.


    1. Aww thank you - I do love a bit of black and gold :) xx

  10. Ohh, I love this, you look gorgeous. One of my best friends mum has gone to India to visit family and she is going to bring my friends 2 year old daughter a her first sari back, I can't wait to see her in it =)

    Corinne x

    1. Ooooh wow that's amazing!! I bet she will look so cute!! :D and thanks lovely lady! xx

  11. i loooove your post - the My Mehndi Outfit picture is stunning. you're beautiful!
    now following your blog :)

    ciao from taylor ||

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