Saturday, 21 September 2013

An Autumn Evening OOTD :)

You guys are gonna think I'm the most clueless person on this very Earth.

See I just can't help myself...

Yet again, for at least the 34766487th Outfit of the Day post, (probably in a row) I am showing you an outfit which hasn't got the slightest hope of concealing any kind of inevitable FBOEP, (Food Baby of Epic Proportions) from the teeny tiny ones resulting from over indulgence in a certain rather crunchy and even more nutty cereal, to the slightly more formidable ones forming as a result of a night like this one...


The Indian Buffet.

You guys, I don't advocate wearing this.
You might as well click on the red cross now.

But erm...please don't.
My mum is great but it's nice to have more of you for blogging company ;)

Just promise me, that you won't follow me into such a dark and uncomfortable place, where the food on your plate is abandoned purely on account of the elastic in your waist high skirt reaching its limits.

You know when an elastic band stretches too far on your hand and snaps, and it kind of hurts in a really shocking, sharp type way that makes you flinch?
Yeah, this almost occurred but on a really, reeeally large scale, and would have surely meant the end of my food conquest for the evening for entirely different reasons.
My poor belly.

I also would have been one very nice skirt down.
And we can't have that can we?

I contemplated other options...
One included pretty much stripping down to my knickers in the middle of what I'm fairly sure is the biggest restaurant I'm ever likely to go to, in order to let my food baby run free, and my food consumption continue...
It took the other half of my brain to remember such actions would have probably got me removed from the building, and my poor curry would have been left anyway.

I imagine I'd also have a lifetime ban from the place, and could therefore never enjoy such tantalising tastes ever again.
I thought better of it.

The second option meant leaving the remains of my poor Chicken Karahi and Naan to go cold and slightly soggy on my plate, no doubt from its tears at not being eaten.

The shame.
Curry is always, always, for eating.

It's just too damn good.

 What I wore:

Lace Crop Top: New Look £12.99 (a birthday pressie from my BEAUTIFUL bestie <3)
Berry Wedges: Primark (last year, also from my bestie - she's too awesome!
Earrings: River Island (old)

Oh yes peeps I have mastered the art of transitioning my crop top and maxi skirt addiction into the new season (can I get a 'woop woop'?). My trusty black maxi skirt is nothing new, but the lace of my top just adds a little Autumnal touch, despite still having no sleeves and showing a teeny bit of belly...
I love lace, me.
And cream coloured clothes - I've missed them over the Summer.
It also gave me chance to get out last years Primarni wedges, seeing as I fear it's almost time for my beloved Shoesies to hibernate.

I'm trying not to cry at that sad little fact, but all will be good so long as I have my wedges to get me through it...

On my face I wore 'the usual' which has actually changed somewhat, (oooooohhhh!!) you will see why soon but until then I'll leave you in suspense because I'm mean like that ;)
On my lips I dug out last years staple Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 107, because it totessss matches my shoes yey!! 
Oh, and it's Autumn, therefore berry shades are the new orange.
Sadly though, it was about as practical for food eating as my stays put all right, I just have a tendency to accidentally smear it all over my face.

My poor choice is not limited to my clothes it seems haha...

Least I didn't attempt jeans.
Now that WOULD have been impossible.

Just, don't go there you guys, and all will be okay.
Oh and please, please don't strip off in a restaurant or in fact anywhere.


 Oh yeah - one more thing before I go...

Look who sneakily made an appearance for the night?
Yep, it sniffed out those spices and FORCED it's way out of the thigh split in my skirt in an effort to show itself to the world (my mum) yet again, via my blog.

It may or may not have also tried to seduce the table leg into snapping during my meal and therefore tipping the contents of my plate onto itself so it could feed.
Such a monster it has become.

(becoming slightly disturbed by my own writing at this point)

It failed.
It misjudged the bill which I would have been paying had the poor table leg suffered, and the fact that paying for it would mean no more new clothes, (leg baring or otherwise) would be gracing it's greedy self...

Now please excuse me while I go chase (by this I mean hop) this blumin' sulky leg of mine, apparently it's hungry again and has gone to hunt down the remains of my plate...

Ange clearly never eats curry, she never had these problems.


  1. Aha you always make me chuckle, when are you going to learn woman! Curry + crop top is a recipe for disaster, You need a special pair of buffet trousers to wear when you go, I may invest in some too! I have those wedges too, they're so comfy! :)
    Rosalie x

    1. Haha oh Rosalie it seems I never will!! My top did survive un-curry stained though yey!! xx

  2. Aha you always make me chuckle, when are you going to learn woman! Curry + crop top is a recipe for disaster, You need a special pair of buffet trousers to wear when you go, I may invest in some too! I have those wedges too, they're so comfy! :)
    Rosalie x

  3. Oh I love this, you look fab that top is so gorgeous on you I love the fabric. Gorgeous makeup too!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. Aww thank you so much, that means such a lot coming from someone as awesome with make-up as you haha xx

  4. Your outfit looks amazing! I love the skirt, can't believe it's only £6.49!! x

    1. I knoww, such a bargain!! And thank you lovely :D xx

  5. You look gorgeous hun! I love the whole outfit :) I can't believe how cheap the skirt is I need to get myself one!

  6. Loved this post, you look fab!

    Katie xo

  7. Gorgeous lady, I love your outfit and your face contouring!!


    1. Haha the miracles a bronzer can perform ey :p thank you :D xx

  8. You look lovely, the skirt is gorgeous, what a bargain!


  9. I laughed so much reading this! Ah you're such a gorgeous, glam, beautiful babe! LOVE those wedges xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Haha aww I'm so glad you liked it...and you're too too kind, thank you doll :D xx

  10. beautiful outfit! :D
    if you ever have time would you check out my blog please and maybe leave me some feedback?! im new!! thankyou <3

    1. Aww thank you lovely, I'm off for a gander right now :) xx

  11. I love that top!:) xx

  12. You look gorgeous, loving the look - so classy! That last photo is brilliant too! Hope you had a lovely time xx


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