Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nicole by OPI: City-Pretty Rose

Not gonna lie to you, I don't know who Nicole is.
In fact I googled her and I'm still none the wiser...
For the sake of reason I'll say that it is the hair goddess Nicole Scherzinger, because hair and nails are made of the same thing, and therefore there is a small chance that on application my nails may become long, soft and silky.

There is an even smaller chance perhaps, that such nail qualities are transferable and will somehow spread to my hair...
A girl can dream, right?

Or at very least, her nails.
Not that I've seen them...but I can imagine they're perfection.

Okay so back to reality, and whatever Nicole this may be, I went a little nuts during a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug quite some time ago, and picked up this Barbie pink polish in the process.

Or actually, my mum did, because I was a bit on the skint side...
But hey it would have been rude not to help her choose, and then try it for myself, right?

See, with the £7.99 price tag, it's not a range I'd normally even be tempted by - hell I don't even own an Essie polish and good god it's hard to bypass that stand, yet I still manage it...
This one though, was new and unfamiliar to me (us) - I'd never encountered Nicole by OPI before?

My Scherzinger sense was stirring.
My hair follicles were quaking in their, ermm...holes?


And it wasn't long before we had at least six picked out.

Now, let me tell you, I thought I'd left any trace of my inner Barbie behind the day I ditched my uber blonde hair, (yes, that did happen) however I was wrong.
For a few years now I've subconsciously shunned any hint of bubblegum from my life and wardrobe, and have never been swayed back to the pink side...
However that all ended on sight of this shade - look how gawd damn gorgeous this shade is?!
Both me and my mum uttered simultaneous 'ooooh's', and popped it into our basket (her basket actually, but whatever). 

City-Pretty Rose is actually not rose coloured in the slightest - it is simply a real bubblegum pink shade, neither warm nor cool toned, neither bright nor pale - just pure unadulterated Barbie.
Now while part of that description makes me want to run and hide, I am after all still a girl, and therefore something this alluringly girly just cannot be ignored!

I went a little nuts with it too, and ended up with it on both my fingers and toes for a full week, before feeling sick at the prospect of any more pink and reverting to my staple orangey shades - but for me to wear anything more girly than a hot, dark pink - that is classed as a mahooosive success!!

Application wise, it's not half bad - I quite like the thickness of the brush - it's not too skinny and covers a large area, but after spending the entire Summer being spoilt by my beloved Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate in 'Hip Hop', having very well applied colour courtesy of its brush which actually coats my whole nail in one go, it will take a lot for anything to live up to that...

Kate 1 - Nicole 0

It's still not half bad though, and made a lot easier by being relatively opaque! 
If I wasn't such a perfectionist I could perhaps have got away with one coat; it's not streaky at all and covers really well...but yeah I totally did two.
I'd say the drying time is about average, as is the wearing time - I say I wore this for a week, but as with most polishes three or four days in my nails were looking more than shoddy.
I left it for a week because I'm a lazy sod, can't even be excused I'm not gonna lie.

One last point and a note on the bottle - it's a bit...I dunno, odd.
I'm not it's biggest fan, I can see that it's stylish and unique, but it reminds me of that gherkin building thing in London - only if it was pink and totally flat on one side, (nothing like it then really haha) also, it's kind of huge.

Overall, I really like this as far as over-girly bright Barbie pink shades go, but I reckon I'll have to be in a really specific mood to ever let it don my nails again, it's just soooo pink, that it's a bit sickly sweet for my liking.
Give me a red or orange any day and I'll be saw'eddddd.
The formulation gets a thumbs up from me though, but so it should for that price!!

I'm becoming aware that both OPI and this Nicole lady are potentially going to sue me for False-Nicole-Advertising here, so I'm going to stop there and shut up.

And, just so you know, sadly, despite the beautiful colour, I'm yet to see newly perfect locks flowing from my head.
Pink or otherwise.
Nails are still not looking too great either...
Whoever this other Nicole is, she doesn't have the X Factor quite the same as Scherzinger.

Just to clarify, I believe the actual Nicole is from 'Modern Family', but as I said, that means naff all to me, and could be anyone.
In my eyes, if your name is Nicole...*lotto man voice* 'it could be youuuuuu'.

I'm off now, to write some more excitingness because LADIES, (AND GENTS) I'M ON A ROLLLLLL...

I've also had my hair done, and plan on blogging about it!
Yes, you heard correctly - I have let someone loose on my hair with a pair of scissors and didn't even shed a tear :D
I'm a big girl now.

Clap for me, and pass me some Herbal Essences for my fresh new barnet...

Least I know for sure which Nicole is representing those little bad boys.


  1. so bright that my eyes hurt!

    1. Haha...I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing x

  2. Such a lovely bright colour, I believe (although I might be wrong?) that this is something to do with Selena Gomez?
    Who knew!

    S xo.

    1. I think Selena Gomez has done a range too you're right - I'm still a bit baffled by it all haha :)

  3. Perfect colour for the days when you feel Super girly! Its like candy yum yum in a bottle ;) I'm right with you though, nothing beats a slick classic red eh?!

    Latasha xx |Today I Adore

    1. It really is like Candy Yum Yum oooh! Hadn't thought of that one - but yes, my nails are now red and I feel a bit more 'me' haha xx

  4. Perfect colour for the days when you feel Super girly! Its like candy yum yum in a bottle ;) I'm right with you though, nothing beats a slick classic red eh?!

    Latasha xx |Today I Adore

  5. I've always wondered who this Nicole chick on the OPI bottles was too, I love this colour though! If you magically sprout 6 inches of Scherzinger hair after using this do let me know, I need a good dose of that lol xx

    1. I'm glad it's not just me haha!
      And oh yes I'll totally let you know...I'd tell the whole worldddd!

  6. You are the funniest blogger in the world. I'm always so happy to see new posts in my timeline from you haha :D this is a beaut of a colour xxx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Aww Gemma you are too kind, I'm glad you like though tehehe :D

  7. Yay, pink! I hope you find out who this Nicole dude is!

    Corinne x

    1. She is still a myth I'm afraid lovely!!!

  8. This is such a gorgeous shade! I love pink way too much.. hmm.. I have no idea who this Nicole person is myself oopss

    Lauren x

    1. I'm so glad that everyone seems to be saying that! I was thinking it was just me haha?!

  9. I have a Nicole OPI polish, and I've never once considered who this Nicole is! I now feel very confused! haha Also, totally agreed - the bottle shape is really weird!! Xxx

    1. We are all united in our 'baffledness' at this!!
      Haha xx

  10. The colour is cute!
    I have a few of these polishes & I am not a fan of the bottle. It is hard to store.


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