Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sinful Colors - Cloud 9: Review

You guysss.
There's something big and orange in the sky and I'm becoming quite concerned.

It's really, really hot.
It's really, really bright.
And it's really, REALLY shiny.

This is worrying, I mean this orange thing is literally so hot, that I can't even sleep; even during the dark hours its power is still making itself felt in my room.
My quilt right now is a mythical creature.
Abandoned, by me.
And man I love my quilt.
It protects me from evil spirits and murderers which just can't quite get past that soft, cottony barrier...

The scariest part though you guys, is that...

It's only gone and appeared on my nails!

While the rest of my body has basked and baked all nice and brown in the brilliance of this strange, new phenomena, my nails have undergone something of a transformation too.

They too are bright, shiny, and as orange as the big ball in the sky!

Seriously, guys, someone please settle my worries here - what ever can it be?!

And I love them!

Okay so I totally lied to you.
The orange sky creature didn't do this to my nails.
I did.

Or not, actually, Boots did.
They forced me.

They had an offer on the new Sinful Colors nail polishes, and given their brand new in the UK status, and OH MY GOD THAT PRICE, what little willpower I had crumbled and died, like the not-at-all-watered grass in my garden...

Don't worry mum it's okay, my hanging baskets are done, I wouldn't do that to you.

At a sinfully small, (see what I did there?) £1.99 per bottle, the price wipes the smile right off my buddy Barry M's face, and it gets better - ahhh yes, the lovely people at Boots had only gone and put them as buy one get one half price! 

It's like they priced them up just for me and my non existent budget.
My blog silently thanked me in my head.
My bank wasn't even too fussed.
And I'm not even slightly sorry.

I got two very Summery shades, Island Coral, (which I absolutely adore, and was the very first shade my prying eyes zoned in on - probably coming to a blog post very soon) and then after much deliberation, Cloud 9, which I genuinely was not a hundred percent sold on, given that it's just so blumin' bright, but I love orange, and hell for £1 I'd have picked up a fluorescent green if that was all they had left!

After wearing and loving Island Coral for the best part of a week, I decided to take the plunge and slather a few coats of Cloud 9 on.
At first, both me and my mum were dubious - it's just so orange!
But by coat two, and finally coat three, we were sold.

Well, I was, my mum took a few hours longer to admit the appeal.

It is just so orange and shiny!
kjhljberjhglhgbqjnebvlqjbvlqbgl AHHHH <3

After getting slightly over excited and applying three coats, when I could have got away with two, I had perfect, and slightly glittery to boot, nails.

They even dried fast thanks to my new hot sky friend ;)

Yes see how daring I am - I even chose a glittery shade!
Gorgeous glitter it is too, so subtle and slight that from a distance you would never notice, and yet up close and in the light, it's like POW!
The glitter is a kind of gold colour, which is even better for me, seeing as I descend from magpies and generally can't control myself around gold objects...

It just add's that extra something.

It goes on nicely too - despite having a teeny thin brush, which normally means I'm going to make a massive mess and plaster polish all over my nails, cuticles, hands, and I won't lie to you - even a couple of keys on my laptop have orange splodges from a thin Barry M brush incident last year.
Aye, I did well if I do say so myself.

Honestly though, people at Sinful Colors, I would love it if you made the brush a liiiiiittle bit bigger?
I can't help but think my success is down to beginners luck.
Oh, and still kept the same prices thanks, bye.

Both Island Coral and Cloud 9 have pretty awesome lasting power too - three days in and the only chipping I have is thanks to a broken nail which has left the top of my polish perilously exposed.

And ermm...I also MIGHT have whacked my right hand on a wall, (don't ask) about twenty minutes after applying my final coat, and despite being touch dry, there was no way my poor nail was going to come away from such an incident unscathed.

It's all good, my right hand never looks as good anyway.

I didn't even bother re-painting it.
Trampy girl I am ;)

Anyhoo, sadly I'm pretty sure the offer at Boots is no longer on, but at £1.99 a bottle, and knowing they're actually amazing quality for the price, I recommend not even questioning your conscience and picking up at least a couple of these.

Oh, and then you can go and showcase your newly painted nails outside in the heat of the bright, shiny thing in the sky before it's certain, untimely and imminent death, getting all brown and that, and therefore making your pretty nail colour stand out even more.

Good times peeps.

I'm off to catch up on some zzzzzzz's that have been lost as a result of the strange orange creature in the sky making my bedroom actually cook me in the night, (this tan is not from my garden - it's from the heat in my bedroom actually cooking me like a jacket spud!).
All I need now is to finish my Benefit: They're Real! mascara and the heat can stay as long as it wants; I'll have my Bad Boy Bristle Ball to protect me then...



  1. This post made me laugh so much, after reading this how could anyone NOT follow?! Keep going hun I love you!

    Blush & Bunting


    1. Aww man I'm trying to find your blog but the link doesn't work :(
      Haha thank you so much though, so glad you like it :D :D :D


  2. Hahaha I totally understand the heat baking you like a potato I feel the same! I love island coral I bought it a few weeks ago but they didn't have buy one get one half price on then! I love the look of cloud nine it looks so bright and shiny I think I might have to pick it up! Xxx

    1. Haha glad it's not just me - phewww it's hot! And yes I defo recommend it, at first it's a bit like :O but it's a real grower!


  3. I love how you are doing your posts in a poetic sort of way! Really different from the current saturated beauty blogging world. :p i introduce or end my posts with beauty mascots (my own invention). Followed your blog, really cool stuff on here

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord
    Current giveaway: Beautecobox (beauty box)

    1. Aww thank you so much!! Oooh I'll check out your blog too, love a bit of something different :D


  4. Literally can't get over how cheap that polish is!! Craziness! Its such a gorgeous summer colour too!

    Also - jealous that you've managed to abandon your duvet! I'm still definitely under the impression that without it all the monsters will come and attack me.....definitely not 22 at alll....

    Aimée Xxx

    1. Haha fingers crossed there's been no monsters yet!! Scary times, these...


  5. I'm loving orange polish right now!and I love your humour too!hehe!:)


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