Friday, 26 July 2013

Flying Away on Venga Airways... (With a Bunch of Nice Summer BeautyBits)

I know.
I know.

Three posts in five days.
*deep breaths everyone*

I think, I may be broken.

Either that or I'm off work ;) but we shall leave that part all mysterious because it's more fun that way, and I'm a secretive little mo'fo.

I think, I may eeeeeeeven be able to control myself a little on this one.

I may actually,
*deep breaths again everyone, if you please*
be about to write an amount that is deemed 'readable' by you all, rather than skimmable at best.

Or even 'oh hell no, if I wanted to read a book I'd go to the library!'

Thing is.
I may be lost for words.
I'm definitely broken.

The only sound escaping my lips right now comes in the form of 'sjkdbljefhbhbfqhgqehqg', or even just a big silly, stupid grin.
So my godddddd I have to let it out in some way!

Let me introduce to you, the reason behind this here post...

(I sense my planned short post is already being compromised.)

Please, press play if you will, and let me set you the scene with a little serenade, courtesy of The Vengaboys.


Proper, not sticky or humid a la UK sun, actual dry and scorching ht sun.

Soz you guys, promise I'll bring it back with me.

You might be able to tell, I'm excited.

Anyhoo, an almost equally exciting prospect for me, involves the preparation for such an event.

And no, I'm not going to bore you with the whole, 'I'm taking deodorant because I might sweat, and sunscreen because it's so important to keep your skin safe' thing - we all know this, and yes, I am taking them.
Equally, I'm not going to do an 'in flight beauty regime' post, because I'm going on a two hour flight, and if my skin can't stand to be unmoisturised for two hours, then it's not worth the cells it's made of and I want a refund.

Instead, I'm going to show you just a liiiiiiiiittle bit of the excitingness that I'm taking, in the form of four groups of Summer beauty products that just scream holiday!

Basically I'm taking half of Boots.

L-R: Barry M - Pink Flamingo, Greenberry, Gold Glitter. Rimmel - Hip Hop. Sinful Colors - Island Coral, Cloud 9.

Oooh yep I'm taking a whole range of pretty polishes with me - undoubtedly I will only use one or two and the rest will just be there to make my suitcase less lonely...but the thought is there! 
I've chosen to wear Rimmel's 'Hip Hop' on my toes and fingers for the first couple of days, because OH MYYY it's gorgeous - the perfect Summery red/orange and it makes me look tanned as it is, before any real tanning has commenced. 
My prediction is that my polishes will get progressively paler the more tanned I get...because we all want to accentuate the glow now don't we?
God forbid I appear paler on day four than day one on accounts of my bleeding nails?!

Say no more.
Do I need to say more?
I'm on my jollies but if I can look even more dark, with even more defined cheekbones, then all is extra well methinks.
God, I love this bronzer!

Ahhhh my trusty Naked 2 palette!
Now sadly I regret to tell you that errr...I neglect this a little in favour of more matte products in the UK.
Shameful, isn't it?
A big positive comes put of this though - I get to make full and immense use of every colour in all their sheer, sparkly niceness on my holidays, woooo!
Im especially looking forward to using The shade 'YDK', because it is just too pretty for words...

L-R: MAC - Costa Chic. Seventeen - Nudist Peach. Rimmel Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Rendezvous.

Ooooh, what's this?! 
Some products you've never seen me mention before?
I won't spoil the surprise, but you will be seeing at least one of these very, very shortly hehehe...

You know I love to keep you in suspense like that ;)

We shall just say that on holiday I love me some nudes and oranges, and leave it there for now...


Right you pretty young, (or old) things, I'm off to get packing, because ermmm...yeah I've not done it yet and am leaving myself mercilessly at risk of developing a nervous twitch like Sheldon Cooper when someone dares sit in his seat.

Hope you're enjoying jamming along to the beautiful sounds of The Vengaboys and reliving how awesomely awesome the 90's were.

Feel free to put it on repeat and jam on.

I'll be doing the same.
Only somewhere much hotter and sunnier ;)


We're going to Ibiza.
Back to the island
We're going to have a party
In the Mediterranean seaaaaaaa.'

Okay so how badly did my self control fail? 


  1. Hope you have an amazing time on holiday! :)

  2. these products look great :) where abouts in Ibiza did you stay? :) x x

    1. I stayed in Es Cana which is pretty tiny, but visited Santa Eulalia a couple of times :D x


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