Thursday, 16 May 2013

An Outfit A Month Under £30 #1

Ooooh what's this?
A new monthly fashion feature on my blog?
Why yes, it is!!

I've decided that because I'm constantly skint and lacking in any kind of shopping ability these days, (ask my mum, seriously, it's painful!) for fear of over-spending on luxurious items that I can't, can't, CAN'T have - I need some sort of system.

By luxurious, I mean anything above Primark.
Or at the moment, Primark itself.

After lot's of deliberation, (and price changing, ahem) my new system was born...
In the form of some pretty hefty and awesome budgeting, which believe it or not I'm much better at than I am shopping, I am now allowing myself up to £30 a month to spend on clothes.

Gone will be the inevitable and unnecessary guilt trip after spending £6.50 on something I know will be a staple.
 Gone will be the endless hours, staring sullenly into the abyss, (my wardrobe) with naff all to wear apart from a Winter jumper from Primarni circa 2011 - the date of my last decent shop.
Winter jumpers in Spring are just not on. 
Gone will be the endless 'add to basket' then X clicking sessions.
For once a month, the 'check out items' step will come between my basket and that big old red X.

I must add, my abyss/wardrobe is still full to bursting, but I am a girl and you know how it is... 


On to my faaaaabulous outfit, which I absolutely love and adore.

Missguided you lickly beauties - you have saved my day, (and wardrobe sanity) yet again!

Mint Midi Skirt - Missguided £9.99
Monochrome Crop Top - Missguided £7.99
Necklace - Primark £3 (I think!)

Total = £20.98

£10 under budget YEAHHH MAN!!

(Yeah erm, technically I'm not £10 under budget.
My shoes were £29.99, taking me £20 over budget...but seeing as they are not just ANY shoes, they are my heaven shoesies, straight from heaven Zara, they don't count.
Toooootally don't count, like, at all...

I'm not counting them.)

So anyway, this outfit served me well for a friend's birthday evening out in Leeds - my midriff was only a little chilly, (thankfully I did take a jacket!) and my feet were only a little sore*, especially after some of my best speedy rain-drop avoidance walking.

I'm thinking both the skirt, and the top, aside from being very on trend in both colour and style for this season, will also be versatile; I can almost FEEEEEL the textures of the other imaginary outfit combinations I will pair them both with.
They're hardly for everyday wear, but they're nice, and I like nice clothes.
The layered gold necklace adds a touch of glamour. It wasn't really necessary, what with such a busy print on the top half, but it incorporated the golden heel of my shoesies nicely ;)

On my face I had my usual eye make-up and face make-up, although PRAISE THE LAWDDDD you can actually see my MUA Shimmerkisses Highlighter in this light - I mean good godddd in all of a week I failed to photograph this in any light, at multiple times of day, brushing blinding amounts of the stuff onto my cheekbones to no avail...and yet a week later I get this photo without even trying?
I like it.
Also note, I referred to it as highlighter up there.
In yo' face, MUA.

I'm also wearing Rimmel - Coral Queen on my lips, which I love for Spring, and in contrast to the mint skirt. It looks oddly pink in these photo's, in fact to be honest it looked oddly pink on the day.
Can't really explain that. It's never looked pink on me before? 
Either way I like it, but seriously you can barely go thirty minutes without some re-application going on.
I also had my HD Brows done just before this very day, so let's just hope that my shexxxxi new eyebrows distracted from any lipstick absence issues there may have been...

So yes, I will leave you all there, with another cheeky little pledge at the old Cosmo Blog Award Nominations.

As my blog is still a baba, I qualify for Best New Beauty Blog, along with Best New Fashion Blog...although as I've said before, there are girls out there with a gazillion times better and more unique fashion sense, that fully deserve that fashion nom over one-outfit-a-month me, so I would think I'm more of a Beauty Blog nomination kind of girl :)

Also as I said before, there are a ton of more amazing beauty bloggers out there...but a girl's gotta try maynn!

Hell, just nominate me for the lot, I'm sure I can fit a bit of every category in there somewhere :p

Cheeky Cheeky.

Goodnight peeps.

*I believe amputation would have been less painful. Totally worth it.


  1. This is a great feature. And your top is beautiful, and for so cheap! Good effort! :)


  2. You look Awesome!! Love the colour of the skirt! Xx

  3. I love the outfit, that skirt is just amazing! £30 as a budget is so amazing, I could never stick to it, you have seriously good willpower

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. Haha thanks! Not sure how I'll manage it - the guilt will make sure I do I think!!

  4. The 30 day shred is definitely working lovely, You look gorgeous! Inspiring me to get back to doing it, I love the crop top. I don't know if I'd be able to stick to £30 a month so it's amazing that you do!
    Rosalie x

    1. Awww thank you :D haha and yes go for it!!

  5. Oh my god.. you look bloody stunning babe! That skirt is soooo lovely xx

    Gemma | ♥ International MAC RiRi Woo giveway on my blog!

  6. You look great :) Love the skirt! it's such a pretty colour xx

  7. The skirt is gorgeous. And as for the shoes you definitely needed them so they so don't count towards the budget, they are beeeeautiful!
    Kirsty x

    1. Aww thank you haha - and yes they totally don't count I like your thinking :p


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