Thursday, 23 May 2013


I'm sorely tempted to have a Spandau Ballet moment right here, but that would totes go against my Hip Hop loving self and will more than likely give my mum, (and most avid reader) wayyyy too much false satisfaction...
I can't even think off the top of my head about another song involving 'gold'?

Please help, seriously, I mean it's now stuck in my head and I'm more or less sat here swaying to the sweet vibes of 1983.


Ridding my head of these lyrics is naaaat going to be easy, I'll tell you now.
I'm about to write a whole post on gold.

Gold necklaces. Gold rings. Gold bracelets.
You name it.

Actually not the rings, didn't buy any of those recently...

I am obsessed with gold.
I mean don't get me wrong, I love a bit of rose gold - but just a bit, and I can appreciate silver on other people, but it's not for me, I just crave the warm, sunny tones of the Summer which only a ton of golden jewellery can bring.

I've been waiting for some kind of trend to break me from my golden addiction for oh - only about seven years now, but still, nothing has happened.
I have to say, these days that's not so bad, but Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus did I look chavvy back in the day?!

No-one thought to tell me that wearing multiple gold rings, bracelets and chains at a time didn't look good.
Or maybe they did, and I didn't 'hear' them. 

On that note, I bring you multiple gold bracelets and chains, which have come to live in my little jewellery bowl in the last three or four months - hopefully I can style them a little better these days...

First is a necklace which my other half insists is still chavvy.
I disagree, what does he know about style ey? Plus, it was about £3 in Primark and let's be honest, at that price for the amount of golden fakery going on here, nobody but him is complaining.

These two necklaces also hail from good old Primark, I love a good bit of symbolism and a good triangle, so they just, you know 'fell' into my big blue basket.
I initially bought the triangular earrings pictured with the necklace below, to go together 'cos I'm a matchy-matchy mo'-fo', (and also a poet, it seems) but take it from me, one second on and I decided that really was a baaad idea. 
Wayyy too many three-sided shapes in one place, even for me.
That meant I'd bought a pair of earrings for no reason, and have subsequently reached saturation point in my earring box.
Such a shame ;)

Next is another Primark item, and one of those really cool and unique bracelet/ring things (honestly, do they have a special name?). It has a tiny jewelled cross and looks so pretty and delicate on, (when it's not decided to turn itself the wrong way!) and I would have loved to put on to picture, had my nails not been on day four of a Seche Vite test and looking a bit worse for wear. 

Believe it or not, I have worn these in one of my last outfit posts here, and forgot to take a picture.
If I had I could have avoided all sad Seche Vite hand problems, and you could have witnessed the prettiness...but I'm really not that clever.

This last item will help though - I am in obligatory blogger territory, and therefore bought this bad boy:

Yes, yes, I knowwww, trĂ©s typique.
But it's gold, and fierce, and it was LESS THAN FIVE FLIPPIN' QUID ON EBAY yeahh man.

Seriously, you go get one of these right now, let's just all have them.
Not just bloggers, but like, everyone.
We can rock the golden lion together.

And sway to the song still singing away to itself in my head.

God my mum will love this.
I can imagine the excited text right now...


Nah, still sat swaying. 


  1. I've been buying so much gold jewellery lately it's unreal! I also have the same triangular necklace from Primark:) love it! xxx

    1. Haha waheyyy!! Great minds ey ;) xx

  2. Hahaha great post! Also, dunno if this is a bit weird to say, but I really like the cushions you displayed your jewellery on!
    I find it so hard to pull gold off, so I have to stick with silver/white gold. Love the look of it on others though :) xx

    1. Haha thanks - omg it was a faff and a half though - they kept sliding off!! xx

  3. Haha this blog was made for me X

  4. I LOVE the spike necklace, it's gorgeous.. I bet it catches the light so much when you wear it xx

    Gemma |

  5. Loving the triangle necklace, I'm a massive geometric geek! x

    Amy /


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