Monday, 10 December 2012

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab... (An Alternative OOTD)

I was going to write most of this post as if to say I actually dress like this on a regular basis, and then reveal the truth at the end...but I decided that 90% of people skim read blogs and would probably skim over that part, and so conclude that I am in fact, a weirdo. 

So just to clarify, I DON'T, (but kind of found it awesomely cool and would sooo do it again) dress like this often.

I actually was going to a fancy dress party - my first EVER fancy dress party, (Happy Birthday Mr. T!!) and decided that I would go as the late, and very great, Amy Winehouse. 

I chose Amy because not only is she a mahoooosive style icon, but she is a legend in her own right, and an amazing talent which should be celebrated. 

After a long debate over whether or not to wreck my hair trying to create a beehive that would even be slightly Winehouse-worthy, I decided to order a wig from eBay - *THIS SELLER HERE* which came complete with replica Amy tattoos - yeahhhh!! 

Wearing my mums dress, an old waist belt, my wig, fake tattoos, ( singular, had an accident with the others) and at least half a tube of liquid eyeliner, off I went, optimistic that I would have a cool, current outfit.
It was cool and current enough yes, for me...and the other two Amy Winehouse's that had clearly also been on eBay buying cheap and awesome wigs haha. 

What can I say, we have good taste ;)

Oooh check out the sneaky "Blake's" tattoo :O 

Now for several reasons, one being that I am a genius and forgot to actually secure the wig to my head, meaning I spent most of the night holding it on while still having half my own hair hanging out, (tip for anyone who buys it - use clips!) and two being that most are blurry, I'm not going to put up any more pictures from the fantastic night that it was...

I will however, leave you all with a bit of the real Amy, encased in film, and the inspiration for my outfit :)
don't be afraid to sing-a-long.

R.I.P Amy

P.S Well jel...her beehive was still bigger than mine :(


  1. This look really suits you! I loved Amy's music and its great that you chose her to dress up as. You look really good :) I really like your hair, I have a fancy dress party coming up myself so may have to check out that wig shop!

    Christina x

    1. Ooh yes I defo recommend it :D it was so much fun as well!!


  2. Now I'm not saying that I think you should rock the beehive look every day, but I do actually think the look really suits you! haha! Love the eye make-up :)

    Aimée xx

    1. Aww thankyou haha - I'd actually love to do it again, hopefully the eyeliner wouldn't take as long second time around :p



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