Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Time for the obligatory Christmas decorations post to celebrate the fact that it is indeed CHRISTMASSSSS!!

My dec's have actually been up since December the 1st, but I've not been able to do this post until today because err...I had several malfunctions in the tree department :|
So to say I was megaaaaa organised and got my tree up asap, it all went to pot fairly quickly.
I also forgot to buy an advent calendar, say no more.

I'm soooo happy with my little tree though, not only is it pretty, but this is in fact my first Christmas tree in my own house, and so my first opportunity to go wild, and make it special.
As it happens, I lack space and money, so going wild meant buying a 3ft tree for £2.44 at Tesco, *high 5 for you Tesco, you go Tesco* perching it precariously on the edge of my fairly narrow shelves, weighing it down on one side with a tin, and hoping for the best. 

My room is cream and purple with silver as an accent colour, so I have all purple baubles, silver beads, and cream lights.
The purple LED lights came a few days later, after I realised that spending £1.29 on lights meant they probably wouldn't cover even the tiniest of trees...


My glittery angel tree-topper, (B&M bargains) is just sooo pretty, and even showered my sofa and floor with silver glitter on her way up to the top of my tree, because she is just so kind and magical.
I love the way the lights on the wall above my tree make it look like she is actually in heaven aww!
(Going to stop there, getting carried away)

As for other Christmas related things, I've been embracing red nails of the glittery AND non-glittery variety, eating lots and lots of chocolate, writing my Christmas cards, and watching awesome films such as Elf!!

We even had a few unexpected snowflakes where I live last week yey!!

Hope you're all having some festive fun, and eating as much as possible just because you can :D
I'm going to leave you with an image of my poor Christmas tree, pre-angel. 

A moment of silence if you please, for the star that was too heavy for my poor baby tree...


Merry Christmas everyone :)

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  1. Haha, love the star that was too heavy! I think smaller trees look cuter anyway :)

    Aimée Xx


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