Thursday, 6 December 2012

Oh Primarni, Oh Primarni, How Lovely Are Thy Prices...

Guess who's been SHOPPING?!
Indeedy, I embarked on that oh so rare occasion where I actually spend money on clothes, and unlike my previous haul back in September where I attempted, (and failed) to buy warm, Winter clothes, I actually had some success.
When I say SOME success, I mean because it was a very, very tiny shopping trip...and also because I had meant to go and buy Christmas cards, but instead I ermmm...ended up in Primark and bypassed the cards altogether. Technically that means this shopping trip was an even bigger fail than the last one.

Sorry to everyone who is expecting a card this year, I'm getting there, promise...

Anyhow, away with the guilt- here are the goodies:

Cream jumper - £8 
Not entirely sure how this will look on, but if it's warm I'm not sure I care, plus it's nothing a bunch of giant accessories can't cure :)
I'm thinking black skinnies and boots with any one of the items below...

Black snood - £6
I almost didn't see this! It was a last minute 'OH MY GOD THAT IS SO GORGEOUS AND I NEED IT' moment (you know the ones). I had another snood in my hand until I saw this, but it paled into insignificance once my eyes had been blessed with this beauty.

 McQueen-meets-Primark scarf - £3
I don't like skulls. However I do like this scarf, and it will look so nice with my cream jumper and/or a black blazer :D
I also saw the lovely Rosalie Jayne wearing a very, very similar one on her blog, so when I saw it on the shelf I felt a wave of inspiration, and wanted it on my shelf too.

Gold cross earrings - £1
I've gone against my own grain AGAIN, because I've always found the cross trend a little weird if I'm honest. It's a religious symbol and I'm not religious in the slightest, so I've always thought I'd feel a little insincere if I wore crosses. These were gold, shiny and £1, hence my purchase, but even now I'm still unsure about them. Am I alone in thinking this about crosses? Massively hope I'm not...
Also hope I can get over it because mannn I don't want to regret spending this £1...

That's all folks :D 
Sending you all Primarni love this Christmas, seeing as I have no Christmas cards...


  1. Thanks :) That scarf will look lovely on you, This stuff all looks so nice, I definitely need to pop into primark again just to get that snood, it looks so cosy and wintery :) x

  2. I'm like that with the crosses and the skulls too! Ahh, thought it was just me! <3 xx


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