Sunday, 7 October 2012

I can't stop pressing play.

Just a few songs I'm loving at the moment, not necessarily new or old, just that I can't stop playing!


Is it okay if I just say anything by Kanye West? I have alllllllllways loved him right from the 'Through The Wire' days where me and my friend would 'rap' to it at school, (sadly I'm not lying) and I just think he's amazing. Seeing as he's a producer that probably explains why I love the production behind his songs. I'm a sucker for a good beat and actually admit that a lot of the time I base whether I like a song on the actual music, not the lyrics.

For the purposes of this post, I'll just pick one :)

Kanye West - Clique

As you might know from my previous music post, I love the 90's! So when Azealia Banks appeared all fresh and shiny and new but rocking beats which sound straight out of 1995 I was like YESSSSSSSS!!

Azealia Banks - Luxury

Plan B is a genius, and I love grime. I know I said I love the beats behind music, but lyrically, this is just amazing too :)

Plan B - iLL Manors

Kano. Another artist who I have loved since the dawn of time. I actually hadn't heard this song until recently but am so glad I have! Loving the sample too.

Kano & Mikey J - House of Pain


I didn't intend to have a song I dislike in this post, but it just seemed fitting, and this song was in my head as usual, so technically my head won't stop playing it even if I want it to!

It's a shame because whenever it came on the radio I used to quite like it, but now, *sigh* overkill, it is ALWAYS ON. Oh and then it's in my head all day, and I can't get rid of it. Oh and that line near the end where the girl sings 'he's got suuuuuuuuch a dirty, dirty black heart in him' ruins any credibility the song actually had. I'm ranting now so will stop. My mum loves this song and seeing as she is my only reader...I will apologise to her now *sorry mum*.

Stooshe - Black Heart

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