Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Making My Nails All Berryish and Autumnal

It's quite rare that I paint my nails, and when I do I'll probably paint them for a few weeks before getting bored of the constant chipping and breaking nails, and go back to my regular plain old nails, no matter how much I love the colours. Also I'm very patient, but when it comes to painting my nails, waiting for them to dry is just...well...long. 

However the new season colours and gorgeous Instagram pictures of beautiful berry coloured nails that I'm seeing everyday have brought out my nail polish I had some fun with pretty nail polish.

I used Barry M Basecoat/Topcoat and nail hardener to begin with, this part is USUALLY problem free for me, unless I manage to whack my hand on something and smudge it. I followed this with No7 (obvsss £5 Boots voucher, we all do it right?) nail polish in Blackberry which is so pretty with its little gold not-quite-glitter twinkles and YEYYY is part of their speed dry range. I'd say each coat dries in just a couple of minutes so all good. I was a bit worried with the first coat, it is a little gloopy and goes on quite patchy - the kind that doesn't get better if you just spread it a bit more. Coat number two is a different story, and makes it look like this...

 Finisheddd!! A deep, deeeeep, berry purple with no sign of the trouble from coat number one!
I tried to get a close up to show how the sparkles catch the light, not that successful.

These pictures were actually taken the next evening and so far, no chips. I am a happy girl and for once I have nice nails :)


  1. Heyyy you replied to my comment on youtube so thankyou for liking my blog haha :) it means a lot! Thought I'd check yours out and it's really cute, this nail polish is gorgeous! I'm a nail addict like seriously. If you're impatient I find that Ciate, Essie (diffusion line in Boots and superdrug) and OPI all dry reaaally quickly :) XO <3

    1. Ooh thankyou so are my first commenter also, I'm defo going to be investing in some Essie gorgeousness soon. I have another, more creative nails post to come in a few days, if what I have planned doesn't look awful that is haha xx


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