Sunday, 16 February 2014

OOTN: Stalking Behaviour...

You guys.
I have a confession to make...

A deep, dark and extremely sinister confession.
One which will change your opinion of me *insert dramatic pause here* FOREVERRR.

I am in need of help.
My behaviour is out of control.

I'm a...

I know, I know *sobs*, it's bad.
The police are probably on their way to me, blue sirens ablaze as I type these very words, and I wouldn't blame them.
I should be locked up, laptop confiscated and chained to the dirty bars of the cell which will no doubt become my home for twenty years or more, (let's be real here, this is the UK, I'd get a month max) for such a heinous crime cannot be ignored.

The victim of my stalking surely felt uneasy at my constant presence, my prying eyes fixed permanently upon their page.
My IP address listed forever in their traffic sources, lurking, waiting...
They were being watched.

But who is my victim, you ask?
Who is this poor soul, being torturously spied on like poor Bambi's mother in the hunters' shot gun viewfinder?

Their name, ladies, (and sneaky gents) is, and more specifically this page right here...

What I wore:

Jumpsuit: Missguided £37.99
Shoes: ASOS (bought on eBay) 
Necklace: eBay £1.98

It's's all true.
This is my big confession.

My obsession began when out for the evening, and seeing my friend and fashion twin Chezni looking pretty damn awesome, (as per) in the most beautiful jumpsuit I have ever seen.
As soon as she uttered the words 'Missguided' in response to my 'where ever did you stumble across such beauty?' question...that was it.
See Missguided is familiar and well known territory to me; I've had many dealings and mini stalking episodes with them before, all resulting in the parting of funds from my bank account, and my items-of-clothing : number-of-coat-hangers ratio being ridiculously reduced.
Not to mention the fact that they're being stored in my brothers wardrobe, because I don't have one.
He's thrilled.

While patiently awaiting pay day, Missguided were the poor victims of my obsession, stalked almost daily, and in receipt of way too much of my attention and lusting desires, (just checking it was still in stock, of course) but alas...that day arrived, and in an almost Gollum-style incident, my precious new jumpsuit arrived.

It's like fate.
Not only did my size selection gamble pay off, (this NEVER happens) but it is just divine!
It's plain black aside from the golden detail of the detachable belt, and has a one-shoulder style which is a surprising hit!

I've not had it long and all I'll say is I'm most definitely an outfit repeater AND PROUD BABY!

I'll probably get married in it one day, uh-huh - who wants a white dress when you can wear this fiiine piece of umm, polyester?
Darn sight cheaper too ;)

On my face I wore the slightly more vamped up 'usual', given that I was venturing into the unfamiliar territory that is, 'town' on a night out...but with my new and faithful friend 'Lady Danger' on my lips.
Oh and red nails for good measure, cos after all it is the month of loveee, it matched my lipstick.

You'll be happy to know I'm now cured, (albeit temporarily I'm sure) of my Missguided stalking problem.
Speaking to you guys about it has cleansed me of my sins and I now feel relieved.
You're like my church or something.
The internet is the wall thingy we're speaking through.

Missguided I'm sure feel a similar type of relief, I'm no longer drooling at their jumpsuit section, in between switching tabs, longingly gazing at my online banking page and wondering just how many more seconds it is until pay day...

Until I next find something beautiful,
which I'm fully aware could be like now, so I'm choosing not to even look.
Willpower, that is.
Missguided, you're off the hook.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Motel Rocks.
This dress has been on my radar for like a year or something ridic, and it's STILL not in the bleeding sale!
Umm, just so you know, Motel, until it is...I'll be watching you...



  1. You look GORGEOUS! I am in envy of your jumpsuit too!
    Love From Sammie xx

  2. You look amazing! This post really made me smile too. Love it!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  3. You look gorgeous!! I so so wish I could pull of a jumpsuit, but I fear its an item I'll just have to stalk from afar instead ;) Aimée Xxx

  4. You legend Holly. You look absolutely gorgeous in this jumpsuit, it's a right stunner! As are you, and your hair... plus Lady D! You're so beautiful, and it's impossible not to smile when reading your posts, as they're so funny and full of your lovely, bubbly personality xxxxxxx

  5. You are so bloody fit miss holly! You ooooooozee hawtness. This looks fab on you! I'm a stalker too. It's the best feeling when you find things are now in the sale, hope the leaf dress gets a discount soon!

    Corinne x

  6. You don't update enough. It makes me mad.

    Corinne x

  7. Aww so glad to hear it, thank you :D xx


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