Saturday, 24 May 2014

Revlon Nail Enamel: The Most Summery Nails EVER!

The embarrassing moment where you realise you're out of practise and you're typing like your dad.
Seriously, it's bad.


It's okay you guys...
Don't have a panic attack on me.

Deep breaths.

It is me, I'm here, I'm back, and I'm BLOGGINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!

Honestly, if I liked champers I'd crack open a bottle this very second, but instead I think no further time shall be wasted, and I'll instead focus on the unfamiliar task of typing.

It's like my fingers have seized up somewhat.
I've regressed back to the level of the previous generation, where after ten years of computer ownage I may just have progressed from 'single-index-finger-key-jabbing' to the only slightly less painful 'double-index-finger-key-jabbing'.

I witness an example of this daily you guys.
My poor Dad.
Usually I find it mildly amusing, but
I'm feeling his frustration.
Karma has hunted me down and it's kicking my ass stripping me of my Level 3 in Key Skills ICT.
Badboy qualification that one.
So useful. 

Despite finding time to blog right now, I can't promise that this post will be with you by Christmas.
I'll still be trying to find the 'publish' button.

If I've even finished typing.

Something else which has evaded me recently is nail polish!
These pictures were taken weeks ago - in which time I've had... *you'll need those deep breaths again* bare nails.

I am fully dreading attempting a serious nail painting afternoon.
If I can no longer type, just imagine the outcome of nail painting!

Snm again.

The last time I had a full on decent nail painting session though...oh my my they were goooood!!
See I was feeling Summery, and the weather was agreeing.
Oh and Revlon stuff was on offer, meaning only one thing...
Two of their Nail Enamel's in 'One Perfect Coral' and 'Gold Goddess' were coming home avec moi.

Seriously, the colours are so nice I'd blumin' drink them!
Forget champers.

First up is 'One Perfect Coral', and those crazy nail polish namers were ON IT with that one I tell ya.
'Cos they're not wrong.
It literally is the most vibrant and perfect coral-red, almost luminous, but without being offensive on the old irises. OH aaaand...and ladies, (cheeky gents, or otherwise) guess what?
Yesssss, this colour has the ability to make you look sunkissed even if you didn't manage to sit out in't garden last Saturday! And y'all know you want that.
I mean, when these pictures were taken, the amount of sun rays I'd seen since last Summer totalled zero, and yet my hands were looking almost healthy!! 
Even when I wasn't using a white door as a background that is...

I adore the second shade 'Gold Goddess' as a colour too; for a glitter shade it's pretty unique! The gold pieces are a little larger and more irregular in shape than your average, and the gold is a little darker than your average too - more like the sun at sunset than in the day.

Colours aside, the consistency is gorgeous too, it's relatively thick, so one coat gives enough opacity to be easily passable, and two coats give you an almost gel effect! I don't think that was intentional; it's not advertised as a gel effect like so many are right now, but it's a pretty good bonus, right?
Being a bit thicker, you'd think it would take a while to dry, and while it was longer than some, I've had worse...just don't go to bed too quickly afterwards - PPN (Pillow Print Nails) risk and all that...
Longevity-wise they're little goodies! I've spent too much of my time risking wrinkles, frowning at my nails which seemingly reject polish, and therefore chip within a day.
Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.
But these? Nope.
No problems here, my nails stayed chip free for around three days, which included lots of washing up, working out, and well...working.
I don't even remember the glitter being too hideous to remove, although having only used a small amount of it on an accent nail, I'm probably not able to fully judge it.
This will be rectified in my next nail painting sesh I tell you now ;)

Brush wise, mehh...I'm neither here nor there on it, I personally prefer them a little thicker, but the consistency of the polish means it still goes on relatively well, without too many 'incidents'.
As for the packaging, well if it ain't the classiest and most gorgeous bottle I've ever laid eyes on?
Who knew you could purchase such lovelieness for £6.49?
*Need to chill the hyperbole right here, it's just a bottle!*
It's tall, elegant, and it's got that little gold stripe around that gets my inner magpie going.
Basically, it looks good on my nail polish shelf.

And yes that is a real addition to my bedroom.

Oh my gawsshhhh and I am DONE!
That 'Publish' button has escaped my life much like the 'on' button of the laptop has escaped my dads for much of the last ten years.
Don't get me started on his Facebook literacy, we've almost mastered the art of logging in unaided, although he often needs prompting to add punctuation, and well we're still getting over the fact that he doesn't need to like EVERYTHING.

Dad, really...that dog really hasn't yet died because you didn't like the photo.
A bit like how liking a picture of beer won't make one magically appear in the fridge, only my mum can do that after an ASDA trip.

At least if my little bloggy had a page on there, it would have a 'like'.
And you thought my mum (and most avid reader) was bad?


In other news, I've located the 'Publish' button.

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  1. Gorgeous colour and I love the touch of glitter - absolutely beautiful! :)

    Layla xx


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