Monday, 21 April 2014

OOTD: The Questionably Printed Dress.

Now, I know what you're thinking you guys...
'That's an ermmm, interesting print you've got on that dress of yours there, Holly, did you ermm, visit Amsterdam recently and decide on a new way of life?'

No, I did not.

It's just a nice dress.
I like it.
The colours are flattering, and they'll look good with a tan.


What I wore:

Beloved Shoesies: Zara £29.99 (old)
Necklace: eBay £1.15

I blame those sneaky little swines at Motel Rocks though, they knowww they got it.
They know when I'm stalking their website, adding this dress to my basket, (several times over the space of like a year or something) and leaving it in there - they email me to remind me, almost rubbing my excessive skintness in my face, reminding me that this dress is indeed an extortionate £32, and there ain't no way in the abode of Hades they're ever gonna sale section it...

Just cruel.

But screw it, this month something extremely strange has occurred, and I was granted the gift of 'left-over-money', to do with whatever I pleased...
A dangerous occurrence I tell you.

Naturally, into my Motel basket I popped it - again, before clicking the red 'X' - again, sparking yet more sneakily enticing emails...
'You still have items in your basket Miss Gardiner, the questionably printed dress you've had your eyes on for endless time, it's stock, in your size, it's pretty, it's devine, you must buy it, it must be yours, before it's too late...'
Okay the email might not go exacccctly like that, but you get me. 
I'm sure at Motel HQ, they were sat staring in suspense at their screens, in a 'will she/won't she?' moment, all gathering to await the moment my will finally crumbled...

Night after night I stared at the price tag, hoping I could somehow gain the powers of my childhood hero, Matilda, and magically sale section its ass, making me feel just slightly less naughty.
I ain't used to this spending shiz.
It's naughty.
Like the questionable DEFINITE PALM PRINT covering the item of my desire.

Then it happened.

*cue music*
(I'd prefer it if you started it from 1 min 11 seconds, but I know even asking you to click 'play' is a bit much...)


I clicked 'checkout and pay' or whatever it is, and blumin' got me my long time loved questionably printed dress!
I even found a sneaky discount code 'cos I'm a cheapskate sly mo'fo', and really, £32 for such a minute piece of material really is a bit much for a girl more used to rationing raisins for her tea.
Just sayin'.

This appears to be a fascinating and somewhat hilarious phone conversation...I wonder who with?
Justin Timberlake? Will Smith?
The lady never tells ;)
You dare to interrupt?

Look how coy I am ;) not telling you which immensely handsome famous Mr. I was arranging a date with.

Anyhoo, off I went for cocktails in Leeds, complete with my shoesies, (lies, I wore them for photographic purposes only, can't walk in 'em) and my beloved and eagerly awaited questionably printed dress!

Just to confirm, I do not advocate or take part in the consumption, inhalation, or otherwise of such products which appear to be advertised on my dress.
It's merely a pretty dress with nice colours and I wanted it.



  1. you look absolutely amazing girl you rocked this dress

  2. hahahaha oh my this has surely cheered up my depressing day of essay reading - you girl are HILARIOUS
    and look awesome in that dress

    1. Haha aww mann I'm so glad to hear it Lydia! Hope the essays went well <3 xx

  3. This dress looks lovely on you! And I love the "palm" print haha :) x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  4. Love the dress Holly and your figure is insane!

    1. Aww thank you so much Natalie :D xx

  5. I've seen that dress on motel too, it's lovely! You are such a hawwwwwwttt lady!

    Corinne x

  6. love!

  7. Looking gorgeous, hun! You definitely made the right choice of buying that dress! Always great treating yourself to something you've wanted for so long. :) x

    1. Yes it so it :D Thank you lovely xx

  8. Definitely palm print ;) whatever it is it looks gorgeous on you! Jel of your figure x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Haha oh it totally is ;) aww thank you! xx


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