Sunday, 23 June 2013

MAC Ruby Woo: Come To Mama...

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Do you, Do you, Do you, Do you
Know what you're doing, doing to me?
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

I hate that song.

Unfortunately, as if often the case with me, it's stuck in my head, and seeing as I'm writing about a certain Ruby, it's only fair that it gets stuck in your head too. right?

Evil, Holly.
Just eeeeeeeeevil.

So it seems I'm a serial cheat.
First there was Carmella, the delicious scent so Summery it almost became a staple in my drinking diet.
Now, Ruby, the siren, red with lust, luring my lips in for the kill.

My poor boyfriend ey?

Who are we kidding? He'd love it.

Oooh, exciting, a MAC box, but what could it be?
Now now Holly, say it isn't so? It can't be, can it?
IT IS! *dies* mmmm, redddd.
It's in my hand EEEEEK! All mine...
Yes people, I finally got my hands on the much sought after and extremely well known, (to the point where this blog post is kind of irrelevant, but who cares, I'm excited about it, and you know to well that when I get excited words just kind of come out of my head) Ruby Woo, by MAC.

See I went to Leeds a bit ago, and finally got my bum to an actual real life MAC counter :D

Huddersfield, I love you man, but we need a MAC counter!

After literally an hour of umming and ahhhing over various beautiful things, (yes you Soft and Gentle) and trying on pretty much every single nude-ish lipstick there to no avail, (seriously gutted about this, my natural lip colour just seems too dark to pull them off and every single one looked 'off' on me) I finally tried on Ruby Woo...

I'd been resisting it you see.
My make-up collection is far from extensive compared to most people, let alone bloggers, and I already have one bright red lipstick that I genuinely adore, (Rimmel's Alarm - if you don't know, get to know!) meaning I kind of thought that no matter how much I loved it, I just didn't neeeeed another red.

Then ermm...I tried it on.
My theory went out the window within a split second of it touching my lips.
And Ruby Woo was mine.

It was as though it was meant to be.
The girl at the counter said 'ooooh', my mum said 'ooooh' and yes, I said 'ooooh'.
The response to all the other lipsticks had been along the lines of this face >> :\ from me and my mum, with the poor MAC girl using every line in the book to try and convince me of how lovely they all looked - which don't get me wrong was all fine and good, but it was the 'oooooh' I was looking for ;)

Ooooooh indeed!

See, I suit red, and I like red quite a lot.
A very lot.

And Ruby Woo is just the perfect red for me!

It's already had a fair few outings on my lips during its so far short stay in my make-up bag, it even got a compliment from my grandma after eating wayyy too much of her home made pizza, (to actually die for) and yes indeed, it was still on almost as perfectly as before!
It's possibly due to it being a matte finish that it stays put as well as it does - I'd advise applying hefty amounts of lip balm before you put it on or it can feel a little dry, but after that you're all set more or less for the day.

As much as I love my Rimmel lipstick, it really doesn't survive very much...
Doesn't smell as good either.

Top: Rimmel Alarm. Bottom: MAC Ruby Woo

 As far as the colour goes, oh my gawddd is it bright?
That's what I was looking for though in all honesty - when I wear red I don't do it by halves haha.
The colour has cool, blue undertones rather than the warm orange of colours like Lady Danger, (which by the way I want soooo badly!) and at first I was aprehensive, loving anything warm and bronzey like I do.
Needn't have worried though as it doesn't exactly scream 'I'm blueeee!' at you, it's just a very subtle undertone and I genuinely think it would suit anyone on Earth!

Looking at the image above where I've compared the two, I can't even comprehend why I thought my Rimmel one was red enough before? It's also a bit darker, making it less bright.
It's been well loved in its time, but sadly I think it's about to start a long reign nearer the back of my collection...
For anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative however, it is still pretty amazing! Just be prepared to reapply more often and for a little smudginess owed to the more sheeny formula.
£14 let's be honest - is a hefty price to pay for a lipstick, on this occasion my greed, head and heart deemed it worth it, but honestly yes the Rimmel one is fab for the money!

As for me, I fully can't waiiiit to get this bum of mine back to visit MAC and get my eager little fingers on some more exciting goodies, there's just a few that again are deemed worthy by my head, heart, and of course, greed - sadly, the date of this trip is potentially far away, along with payday...

On second thoughts, Huddersfield, perhaps my bank will thank you if we don't have a MAC counter...

Noticing that once again I've gone all rambly, I'll leave you with a sound MUCHHH NICER than the one I opened this post with...
You see I just typed in my post title and instantly got Beyonce - Green Light in my head.

Come on everyone...

'Give, it, give it to mama...'

She's even got red lips in the video!
That's it man.
Just let me get my Ruby Woo on and pretend I'm Beyonce.
I mean, we must practically be twins!



  1. This is such a lovely colour, I nearly bought it but I was so dissappointed by the tester I tried that I put it back, It was crusty and dry :( But after seeing this I think I must have a had a dud tester as It looks so beautiful on you!
    Rosalie x

    1. I swear I replied to this so long ago haha! Aww thank you lovely, shame about the tester, I hope it was just a one off...


  2. Ah gorgeous, I want to be brave enough to wear red lips out! X

  3. I love that shade!

  4. I love this colour! It would look amazing with a white dress...kind of Marilyn Monroe-esque. Is the staying power good?

    Trish xo

    1. Yes it lasts for hours! Survives pizza and everything haha x

  5. I love Ruby Woo! It's one of my fave red shades!

    Kimberley x (I'm running a international MAC giveaway)

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! Love a good red :)

  6. This lipstick looks amazing on you - love a bit of MAC!

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose

  7. I still don't own a mac lipstick *slaps wrist*, but this is a lovely colour. Just casually dancing to B now! x

    Amy /

    1. Yeahh you dance away gurlll! And I only have like 2 haha so you're not too far behind ;) xx

  8. Gorgeous lipstick colour - it really suits you!

    Only just noticed you're from Huddersfield - me too haha



      And thank you xx


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