Sunday, 27 January 2013

RIP To My Hairspray, Your Days Are Overrr...

As I have told you before, I am addicted to both leopard print and eyelashes, but as I write this I realise that I have never told you about, my third, and possibly most dangerous addiction...


I say most dangerous, because I imagine that, like a smoker, my lungs are clogged with a sticky substance that is most likely not very good for you. 
Dangerous also, because my poor hair has become so fragile over the years as a result of heavy hairspray abuse, that despite not having it cut, it got shorter. 

The culprit?


The best hairspray in the world.
TreSemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray.

Now I understand that this post is somewhat of a giant oxymoron, but bear with me...
This hairspray is just perfect. It isn't too heavy or too light, it sprays evenly, it smells amazing (well, as amazing as hairspray can smell) and it REALLY, REEEEEEEALLY holds your hair in place in a big way - all day - I dare say it even holds up through the majority of the British weather ooooh!!
Also, the can is absolutely huge! It literally lasts forever and completely makes up for the slightly higher price that you pay.

I have used this hairspray since around 2006 - yes, that is SEVEN years! And not once in that time have I strayed away from it. 
Wait, I lied. I was once enticed by the beautiful Cheryl Cole into buying L'Oreal Elnett, and despite being probably the best selling hairspray ever, it paled into insignificance next to the beast that is the TreSemme hairspray.
Safe to say my barnet looked about as Cheryl Cole-esque as a wet pancake, and Elnett never graced my shopping bags ever again...

Anyhoo, you might be thinking 'Holly, if you love this hairspray so much, why aren't you buying it again?'
The answer - I probably will do.
However, for about six months now I have been on a massive hair detox and am loving it. I'm done with daily back-combing, curling and caking my hair in spray, and finally, my hair is growing again. I love being able to get a hairbrush through it, without handfuls of broken hair cluttering my carpet and making my house work ten times harder. 
I'm also growing to like having my hair tied up, and only using a quick spritz of hairspray to keep the billion baby hairs I have in place.

So, as my last can is running out, I thought here on my blog would be the perfect place to pay homage to what has been an amazing hairspray. When I next buy one and dare to do my hair, I'll be careful, and use it as it's supposed to be used.

In fact,
I give each and every one of you permission to send me a virtual slap if you see my trying to re-create a lion's mane with my hair again. 

Here are just a few past pictures of my hair, (with more hairspray than is healthy) to remind myself, and show you the good old days - but also, how not to treat your hair :)

(yes, I was blonde!)

Hairspray; reducing shine and manageability since 2006.


  1. Love your hair, so pretty! :)

    1. Aww thank you :D
      Your blog is lovely by the way :)

  2. Your hair looks lovely but I think sometimes it is nice to put the hairspray down, I'm a bit of a one for using way to much and ending up with it looking a tiny bit crispy. I can't agree with you about my beloved elnett though, I always go back to it in my mission to acheive cheryl cole hair :)
    Rosalie x

    1. Haha I think maybe I'm missing something with Elnett though, probably using it wrong - how that can happen I don't know but I really am alone in my thinking!!

  3. I'm also on a 'hair detox' have avoided using any form of heat on my hair and have been using leave in conditioners every now and again.
    My hair is now in much better condition! Definitely worth it!
    Check out my new blog :)

    1. Yes I've been using them all the time too, another thing I'm relying on haha


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