Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year Nail Niceness.

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
Hope you all had lots of fun doing lots of exciting things :D
My New Year involved a particularly hardcore game of Monopoly, which went on until 4am.

On another note...
Guess who has been soooo good and managed to go a whole 4 DAYS without picking her nail polish off??

Thats right. Me *shocked faces everyone*

I'm like a whole new person.
I would say it's a New Years Resolution, but considering I still did eventually pick it off, (albeit after 4 long days) I think I'll just acknowledge that I did well, and leave it at that.

The reason why I didn't pick it off is possibly linked to the reason for my post today.
My New Year nails.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get some verrrrry beautiful Nails Inc. polishes.
Nails Inc for me are a kind of luxury brand, something which I've heard a lot about and always thought 'but I'll never have any', given that full sized ones cost around £12 each, and a girl needs to eat...

This is a Christmassy colour collection which I believe my sneaky mum picked up from good old TK Maxx. 

L-R: Chelsea Manor Street, Crown Court, Gloucester Place, George Yard, Cambridge Terrace.

These colours are perfect for any event but fit the festive season in every way. The glittery red, (Gloucester Place) is stunning in particular, and isn't half as pickable as my Barry M red YEY!
The dark purple/berry colour, (Crown Court) is a typical toenails colour for me - it's very rare that my toes are not painted a dark red or purple colour, whatever the time of year, and this one will almost certainly be on my toes for some time to come.
I really like the unique gun-metal colour, (Chelsea Manor Street) also included; it's not a colour I've seen around much, and I can't wait to try it.
The silvery shade, (Cambridge Terrace) is beautiful, but being a lover of all things gold, I will probably use it the least, or just as an accent colour.

Finally, there is a stunning gold-champagne colour, (George Yard) which is what I picked that day :)
It is the perfect, pearly polish but with tons of sparkle, making it the obvious choice for New Years Eve.

I described this as a gold-champagne colour but no, I take it back. It's actually better. Pink champagne.
But not so pink that you have to match it with pink accessories or clothes...if you catch my drift?
In short, it's just gorgeous. 

This final picture shows how the polish looks in natural light, and was taken the next day seeing it likes to get dark ridiculously round here.
To be honest though, it's dark and gloomy here most of the time.
The weather hates bloggers, and spoils our photo op's.

I however, love my nails.

I ermm...unfortunately also love to experiment, so this was actually session #2 of nail painting that day, after a champagne and gun-metal ombre nail effect went disastrously wrong...

Let's just say it's a reeeeeally good thing that the camera focused on the tea-towel, and not my nails.

Happy New Year everyone, and hope 2013 brings you lots of happiness!
I'm off to remove the last remaining gold flecks of paint from my nails the right way, so I can't do any more damage.


  1. Happy new year. I love the nails inc. nail varnishes, they last for ages and they're such a lovely quality. Also, I'm glad it isn't only me who manages to mess up the ombre effect! :p

    Lots of love, catherine x

    1. Happy New Year to you too :D ahh yes haha, I might try again one day but will defo have to research the best methods first lol...



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