Sunday, 31 August 2014

Special Days, and a Lickle Thank You...

Two years ago tonight, as I turned the big 22, I sat on my comfy brown sofa and spent much of my night, as every night, reading Blogger account, no Bloglovin' feed, I simply had a list of blog names that I liked, chilling in the 'Notes' section of my iPhone, waiting for my daily visit via Google...

I don't remember much more about that birthday - curry was involved and it was nice, but it was a strange time; a time which no longer exists.
The very next day, September 1st 2012, 'Holly Mixtures' was born.

See I loved reading blogs, and for as long as I could remember I had loved to write.
I once fancied myself as the next J.K Rowling, but lol who are we kidding here...?
Sometimes I'd buy a product or an item of clothing and the accompanying blog post would be writing itself in my head, I knew exactly what I'd say and how I'd say it...I just never did.
Until that day :)

From the moment I put finger to keypad I have lovedddd blogging, every single second of it - the photo's, the reading, the writing of course, and the amazing blogging buddies I've 'met' on the way...
I really do love you all <3

Last year was difficult. 
On my one year blogging anniversary I put up a giveaway in celebration, it wasn't extravagant or anything amazing, but it was something...I wanted to show my appreciation.
You guys were the support blanket you never knew about, and reading your blogs, chatting to you on Twitter, and seeing your comments made my day, my week and my month <3.

My one-a-week blog posts were the focus of my weekends; my posts take a while to write, and they kept me out of the way.
Other than the lack of time, I lacked, (and still lack!) the products required for a stable blogging schedule; I owned/own less make-up than your average twelve year old and/or non-cross-dressing-male, (seriously, you'd be shocked) and this in itself has made more regular blogging a no-no, but I didn't care, I could put everything into my one-a-week posts and know it was okay.

2014 was born and so was a new chapter in my life.
Screw that it was a whole new flippin' book!
The run up to my second blogging birthday has been quiet, and I'd like to apologise for this, but things are just different now.
I blog for pleasure as always, and as always time is short and precious, but as strange as it seems even the nights I'm not busy these days seem to be filled with 'something else', I guess perhaps a peace which no longer only surfaces when I'm writing.

Today marks the eve of my little blog's second birthday, (and in fact is my actual 24th birthday) and I guess I just felt like a chat.
Tonight, sat on my parents' not-quite-as-comfy-but-so-much-better cream sofa, I have spent a very frustrating two hours editing photo's for a blog post which has now been slotted back into my growing 'drafts' section in favour of this one...because I'm the kind of girl who once I get something in my head, it stays there and won't leave until I let it out.

Have a read.

2014 has been a lucky year for me, I've spent time with my amazing family and friends, I've been on two incredible holidays, seen two very lovely people get married, and just this week bought my first proper car.
Blog wise, I've recently hit both 250 followers, AND passed 100,00 views, which is utterly INCREDIBLE, and despite the current lack of giveaway owed to being fully a**e-raped by car insurance, I genuinely, sincerely don't know what to say, other than from the bottom of my heart, and for everything...




  1. Happy Birthday :) to you Holly, and to Holly Mixtures. Very glad you decided to blog, keep at it :)



  2. Happy birthday beautiful Holly, and happy birthday Holly Mixtures! xxxxxxxxx

  3. Happy birthday and bloggy birthday Hollie-drops!! I absolutely love your blog-you make me laugh so much, I think you're adorable. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

  4. A double happy birthday you beautiful lady!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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